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On Postawork, you can find a wide range of experts: from talented freelancers to official authorized stores.
Request a Service All you need to do is post your request answering a few specific questions about what you need to repair. We recommend specifying as many details as possible to get more specific estimates.
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A simple process that allows everyone to save money.
Review the estimates Watch all the offers that you have received. You can filter the proposals for the price, for the feedback score or for their position
Ask for more info Each offer is made remotely using only the information you have provided. Make sure to provide all the necessary information (such as photos or files). Before accept an offer we suggest to schedule a chat or a call to discuss with the expert about the work to be done

One of our mission is to offer a safe marketplace. For this reason we verify the identity of each expert. In part, this includes:
-Authenticating the email address
-Displaying each expert's work done and feedback on past projects

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Once paid for the service chosen, go back to your account and write your experience with the expert chosen. Postawork asks to rate the expert with a description and a numeric value (from 1 to 5 stars)