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Postawork is a portal that connects customers and experts for any type of service regarding repair, installation, replacement or maintenance.

Registering with Postawork as an expert is completely free and you will not have to provide any payment methods! Click here to sign up and start sending proposals to your new potential customers. During registration you will be able to select all the services you are dealing with and the options that best suit your needs. Registration and submission of new proposals is absolutely free and there are no monthly subscription.

As an expert you will be able to see the customers' requests around you and send them a personalized quote. If the customer is interested in your offer you can contact him (by phone or using our chat) and get a review on your profile at the end of the work.

As a customer you can send requests for an estimate for free. Once you receive quotes from experts near you, you can review their profiles and use our chat to ask for more information or to arrange a personal visit. Once you have chosen an expert you can put a review for the work you have done.

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